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Sex therapy

Sex therapy is a place for individuals and partners to navigate the highs and lows of sexual intimacy in a relationship and with the self.

I provide a safe, judgment-free environment for individuals and partnerships at all stages of life to explore issues related to sexual intimacy and sexual identity.

I serve clients who are looking to:

  • Increase sexual satisfaction

  • Address sexual dysfunction

  • Understand and own their own desire

  • Improve intimacy and communication

  • Heal from past sexual trauma and abuse

  • Recover from sexual shame

As a Certified Integrated Intimacy Professional, I believe in looking at issues holistically, understanding that problems can be both physiological and psychological. My hope for our time together is to help you untangle what has led you to a place of sexual dissatisfaction and to empower you to create and define a type of sexual intimacy that feels most authentic to you.


I am Poly and Kink friendly, LGBTQIA-friendly, and work with clients across the gender spectrum.

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